I am hoping this might be of use to others I wanted the ability to easily track and log my temperature, humidity and bar sensors I have on the I2c(1-wire) GPIO on my PI so here is a plugin to do just that it updates every 35sec currently it is only loggin the temperature will have the humidity working later in the week as I am waiting on the other sensors to come in.


1. Install instructions:
2. unzip the zip file to opt/girder/lua/rpitemp
3. enable it in settings
4. if you have w1 enabled on your RPi you will have files under /sys/bus/w1/devices/ the ones that look like "28-0000057a5128" are the serial numbers
5. in girder dm add the raspberrypi temp sensor component and add a device
6. Name it how you want
7. serial number is the "28-0000057a5128"
8. location currently has no affect
9. hit
10. you should see an update in about 30sec

any other question please feel free to ask.