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Thread: RfxCom Devices support in Device Manager

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    Smile RfxCom Devices support in Device Manager

    Hi Ron,

    Device Manager is the best way to manage devices in G6 but for the moment not all the interfaces (X10, Rfxcom, ...) are supported in G6. That was incorporated in G5.

    Is-it possible to add support of Device Manager for the RfxCom plugin ?

    RfxCom plugin works well to send or receive command in Girder 6.
    But the discovered devices are not added to Device Manager or I can't create them manually to play with them. It's really missing.

    I just need a template of what must be added to the actual plugin for managing devices in Device Manager : create the device, update the value from RF command, send command from the device.

    If you do it for one kind of device (X10 for example), I will try to extend it with other devices. I understood how the different protocol are managed by RfxCom.

    For the moment, I never success to produce a working code that mixes serial plugin and Device Manager interaction ...

    I think, it could help X10 Cm11a device manager too.



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    I would love to see this too - I've added support for the Blinds0 protocol ( and am hoping to build a device in Device Manager for it.

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