I'm still using NetRemote 2.0 and I have been using the embedded browser feature to display web pages on my interface. The problem I am facing however is that loading current/modern webpages in NR often result in script errors or the page just not displaying correctly or certain dynamic content not working (some features disabled due to what looks like the automatic detection of a "legacy" browser).

I thought that NR just used the native default browser of the underlying OS since I had it running on a Windows Server 2003 box and that is why I was having the issues... However, I tried running NR on a more modern OS like Windows 7 or 8 and it still gives me the same issue... which makes me think that the NR program itself has its own browser engine and this has nothing to do with the type of OS NR is running on top of...

Is there any way to get NR to use Chrome or a more modern browser engine so I can display websites with more modern coding correctly?