Hi folks,

Triggering Girder 5 using a variety of USB controllers. Works well most of the time, but Girder can go "deaf" on certain Events. Sometimes this is partial in that some events still work - such as from Housebot using CSEvent. It's mostly the USB HID and Joystick emulators that go unheard. The fix is to get a mouse hooked-up, open Girder, and disable and re-enable events. Girder then acts on all incoming events once again.

As this is installed in my car/camper/bus VW T5, this reset using a mouse isn't trivial...

I'm thinking there may be a LUA script to automate this, but I've gone through searches and nothing has turned up.

Ideally, this would be triggered from a CSEvent, and would simply automate the process of an F9 toggle (disable events and re-enable events). It would work minimised in the taskbar.

Any pointers or examples (or even a solution) very welcome!