Wow.. not a single open thread in this topic... I feel like a dinosaur :-)

Ron, hoping you can provide some insight here... I have been using NR to operate my Insteon lights for several years using Mike's plugin. I have floor plans of my home with little light bulb icons all over it. The icons change their state and are either grey or yellow depending on whether the lights are off or on. For dimmer switches, I use sliders to adjust the levels.

Never had an issue with it until I decided to upgrade the PC that was running NR! I installed the same version on the new PC and loaded the same CCF that I was using on the old one. The issue I am having is that some of the sliders work and some don't... as in, the ones that don't work are no longer sending ANYTHING over to G5. I have the logger and lua console windows open and when I move the slider on the old PC commands are going through but on the new PC, nothing! What makes even less sense is that this issue only affects some of my sliders but not all, and I have gone through the NRD tool about 100 times and the only difference I can find (as it should be) is the Insteon IDs are different for the various lights... Another interesting fact - if I turn the light on or off via the physical switch or on the old NR PC, the light bulb icons do update their state, but their respective sliders on the new PC don't work.

I even tried installing NR on several other PCs running Win7, Win8.1 and they don't work either. I also went into G5 and deleted and re-added one of the affected lights and it made no difference. The ONLY difference between these new PCs and the old PC that worked is that the old PC was running Windows Server 2003!

I'm at a loss for where to look for the root cause of this issue. I am positive this is not an issue with Mike's plugin, as I can adjust the levels from the NR client on the old PC and within G5...

Right now, reverting back to the old NR PC is my only solution.

Can you suggest what else I might try to troubleshoot this issue? I can post my CCF if that would help... I am desperate because this interface runs the lighting for my entire house!