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Thread: Two identical instances of NR running the same CCF do not behave the same??

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    Well, I figured out how to fix it... but I think this is a question for Ron as to the reason why. I decided to try and copy the entire set of the "working" files from the old PC (everything in the Program Files/NetRemote folder) overwriting the same files on the other PCs where I installed NetRemote. I then relaunched NR on those other PCs and voila! It worked on every other PC running NR that I did this on.

    So... something has changed in the set of install files that are available for download today vs what I installed on the "working" PC several years ago - even though these are supposed to be the same versions of NetRemote...

    I'm attaching a zip file of these "working" program files and hoping that Ron can do some sort of file comparison to the latest build of NR 2.0 and identify any differences... I didn't compare individual files but when I compare the entire size of all of the 72 files combined between the "working" ones and a stock NR install, there is a very slight difference. So something has changed... I think...


    I know this is very old software and no longer something that you support, however for all of the folks out that that still use it like myself, it would be much appreciated if you could take a quick look to see what, if anything, has changed that was causing the problem I reported in my first post!

    Thank you.
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