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    Hi Ron,

    I want to use NetRemote and Girder 6 for my front-end to control my TV and Hi-Fi receiver (and I am making some progress here) but for more “mission critical” I want a dedicated home automation server like Loxone's Miniserver as stability is very important.

    Loxone has an app but I want to use NetRemote for all user based interaction. Loxone's Miniserver has two ways it can be controlled, HTTP Requests and WebSockets.

    From reading Girder's manual, Girder's HTTP Requests (get and post) should be able to send the control commands I need (I think) but I would also need to pull from the Miniserver to keep Netremote/Girder updated.

    Can the more advanced (WebSockets) control method be done with Girder's Luasocket? If so how would this be done?


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    Has anybody used WebSockets to control something else beside Girders webserver? If so please let me know how and what you controlled.

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