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Thread: girder6.exe in the task manager

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    Default girder6.exe in the task manager

    Hi Ron,

    next remark. I use girder on a pc as client conencting to a remote server. Works as expected as already written in the other threads. In this moment the windows task manager shows one Girder6.exe (apps section).

    When I close the client by clicking the red cross, the process keeps on running in the background. Sometimes a second girder6.exe is occuring in the task manager background section. Don't know why.

    When I start girder client again by starting the exe (not by opening the icon in the task bar), a further girder6.exe comes up.

    when I repeat the steps, always additional girder6.exe are comming up and keep on running as background process.

    My interpretation: Whenever I start girder by the exe, a new client instance is opened. Already existing instances will not be closed or referred; also when I connect to the same server again and again. Is that right?

    I assume The only way to prevent my system from being flooded is to close the clients by "exit" in the file menu, it works as designed and I have to deal with it. Right?

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    Girder when run as a client allows many Girder instances to be running since you could be connecting to a different Girder server. It might be good to have Girder check if other instances are connected from this desktop and not allow new instances.
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