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Thread: NetRemote 2

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    Default NetRemote 2

    We are please to announce the availability of NetRemote 2.0. NetRemote 2.0 enhances NetRemote 1.1 with more features for
    flexible interface design, powerful media control, enhanced integration with Girder, Promixis' leading automation
    platform and major performance and stability increases.

    Some of NetRemote 2.0's major enhancements

    1. Animated graphic support
    2. 24 bit color selection for button background color and text
    3. Different fonts for different buttons
    4. Tight MCE support
    5. Radio support
    6. DVD Profiler integration from MB
    7. Thread Lua support
    8. Enhanced scripting from Lua of plugins and plugin instances
    9. Support for multiple NetRemote instances on one machine (required Whole Home)
    10. Support for profiles
    11. Enhanced support for interface creation including Lua console and variable inspection
    12. Embedded web server with scriptable pages.
    13. Smarter zone support (no longer need to change host and zone)
    14. Much more stability in communication with MediaBridge
    15. Direct USB-UIRT support from NetRemote on Windows (for learn and transmit)
    16. Native Windows 4.2 support

    NetRemote 2.0 Packaging and Pricing:

    NetRemote 2.0 Pro (single license for use on Windows or Pocket PC) - $49.99.
    Single License - Click here to purchase
    Includes all music features, plus tight integration with Girder 4, direct support for the USB-UIRT and GlobalCache IR transmitters. Also features expandability via Promixis and community supplied plugins.

    NetRemote 2.0 Whole Home (unlimited licenses for Windows and Pocket PC) - $99.99
    Whole Home License - Click here to purchase

    Both include a free license for NetRemote Designer

    Downloads version 2
    NetRemote Suite
    NetRemote CAB
    NetRemote CE

    Compatible Plugins
    Marcel Utils

    Build 144 - 2.0.21
    July 27, 2009.
    build 2.0.21 released

    • Fixed image variables in alternate states

    Build 143 - 2.0.20
    May 12, 2009
    build 2.0.20 released.

    • NetRemote: updated the advanced controls to tell NRD that certain parameters are Lua variables
    • Mediabridge: Hopefully the final fix for the issue of not connecting to JRMC at boot time

    Build 142 - 2.0.19
    March 11, 2009

    • Mediabridge: PageCount should now work for all schemes
    • NetRemote: Fixed slow drawing issue
    • NetRemote: element:Scale() method now takes a second, optional boolean parameter to scale the element around its centre
    • NetRemote: windowed popup frames should now draw correctly

    Build 141 - 2.0.18
    March 3, 2009

    Mediabridge changes
    • Should now work with Vista 64 MCE
    • When creating a GAC you can now specify a Transform parameter to transform cover images the operations you can perform are
      • Mirror - in the X or Y direction
      • Rotate - by 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees clockwise
      • Fade - Up, Down, Left, Right
      • Width - vary the width by a percentage of the original size
      • Height - vary the height by a percentage of the original size

      Here's and example of a transform parameter to the GAC constructor
      This will create a transformed version of each cover that is 50% of the size, mirrored vertically and fades from normal to
      black downwards, as though it were a reflection in black glass. The transformed version of the image will be sent to the
      suffix .Transformed.Image for each cover
    • Fixed help when running under Vista

    NetRemote changes
    • The element object now has a Scale method - this allows you to adjust the relative size of an element (and any elements
      that it contains in the case of frames.). This is an expensive operation however and uses a fair bit of CPU and memory so
      is not really recommended for use on low powered machines like a PPC.
      factor is a float - element:Scale(0.5) will scale the element to half size element:Scale(2.0) to twice normal size and
      element:Scale(1.0) will return it to normal size.

    Build 140 - 2.0.17
    February 5, 2009

    • Added new experimental CCF format 1.1 revision 1.5 (requires NRD 2.0 build 9 - you must explicitly request a conversion to this format)
    • Rev 1.5 provides individual Image variables for each button up/down state.
    • Rev 1.5 added image variable scaling options, Scale to Fit (the previous default), Scale to fit but maintain aspect ratio, Shrink only, Shrink only but maintain aspect ratio, Do not scale (clips if necessary).
    • Mediabridge DVD Profiler Fixes
    • Added element:BringForward(), BringToFront, SendBackward, SendToBack()
    • Changed Resource identifiers
    • Added Mediabridge startup delay.

    Build 139 - 2.0.16
    January 2, 2009

    • Fixed blue pixel offset

    Build 138 - 2.0.15
    December 4, 2008

    • Girder Plugin Instance Fix
    • Girder 3 communication fix (hsGirder / ievents)

    Build 137 - 2.0.14
    December 3, 2008

    • LuaCom fix
    • LuaSocket update
    • Improved Drawing code speed

    Build 136 - 2.0.13
    November 19, 2008

    • Whoops. Fixed init bug

    Build 135 - 2.0.12
    November 17, 2008

    • Fixed memory leak

    Build 134 - 2.0.11
    Novermber 11, 2008

    • Updated luacom and luasockets to use nrlua.dll instead of lua.dll
    • Updated luasockets to 2.0.2

    Build 133 - 2.0.10
    November 8, 2008

    • Attempt to fix Axim issue
    • MC13 support in MediaBridge
    • Tracing Code
    • Smoother Element Animation
    • Device Manager updates

    Build 131 - 2.0.8
    October 20, 2008

    • Couldn't QueryInterface for IID_INetRemoteDriver !

    Build 130 - 2.0.7
    October 17, 2008

    • Fixed animations not working on states/substates other than the default released state.

    Build 129 - 2.0.6
    October, 13, 2008

    • Fixed problems with Flash driver crashing NR when trying to retrieve the player from Lua
    • Changed the background painting to use FillSolidRect instead of FillRect as it is supposed to be quicker and doesn't involve creating and deleting a brush

    Build 128 - 2.0.5
    August 21, 2008

    • Reinstated Global Device Context
    • Added support for <.> notation, referencing current element
    • GetSelection Clipping fix
    • Changed MediaBridge to use .NET-2.0 framework
    • Changed MediaBridge to target x86, this should fix Vista64 issues with ADOX
    • Changed MediaBridge Registry Entries to use HKCU instead of HKLM
    • Some scripting additions to prepare for the upcoming NetRemote Designer 2.0 Beta.

    Build 127 - 2.0.4
    July 3, 2008

    • Fixed crash when a plain string contained a \
    • Fixed non-stop comserver reconnects during heavy load.

    Build 126 - 2.0.3
    June 3, 2008

    • Fixed crash on startup.

    Build 125 - 2.0.2
    June 2, 2008

    • Fixed crash when NetRemote.LoadCCF was used in an Action
    • Fixed crash in NetRemote.GetElementByName when no ccf is loaded
    • Fixed infinite loop in Socket code
    • Fixed crash due to slider having an empty slider variable
    • Fixed looped children not being clipped by parent frame
    • Fixed MB namespace troubles.

    Build 124 - 2.0.1
    April 28, 2008

    • Fixed crash reported here
    • Fixed MB issue reported here
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    Hi Ron,

    Looks to me like you've mostly ironed out the frame state problems, the only problem i'm seeing now is from a Lua state that compares an NR var with a Lua var.
    return NetRemote.GetVariable('<^^^>_<^_LoopIndex>') == MyVars.Search.Tag
    This rule toggles only the colour of a frame.

    If you want i can put it in a simple demo for you.


    XP + G4 + Lua = :)

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    If you can give us the code, the steps to reproduce (STR) and the result you think it should have produced we can have a look at that.
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    Fair enough,

    If you load this ccf and click (select) a menu item, you will see it change to yellow as you do, however the one that was previously selected does not go back to blue. If you minimise the NR window then bring it back you will see the deselected items have now gone back to blue.

    If you open the ccf with NRD and change the state of the frame called colour to hidden instead of visible with a new colour, you should now see the list behave perfectly. This suggests the only remaining state problem exists when both states are visible states.

    Congratulations on sorting out the rest of the state bugs, they were a PITA!!

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    Problem when starting NRD if NR is already running, generates an error that i dont understand but it might mean something to you.
    Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: (this bit seems to vary) Key being added: (matches previous key desc)
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    Dan - I suspect I know the cause; I will take a look. Thanks for the heads-up!


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    Default Problem sending Zone Name to Client

    One problem I noticed with the new version of Netremote is that is doesn't change the zone name when I change zones on my pocket pc.


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    I can confirm the bug reported by David. I also can not control volume with wmp11 on xpsp2 with soundmax digital audio drivers. Mute works but no volume control. I'm almost sure this worked before on the same hardware setup.

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    My setup:
    -Windows Home Server w/Girder
    -Wifi remote control via Netremote Dell Axim x50v, x51v
    -Whole house audio distrbution/control via Russound CAV6.6 with Girder plugin. A-Bus subzone
    -IR distribution via IRTrans SBus devices
    -Win7 WMC for TV/music in three zones for Music. Live365 Internet Radio, Blu-Ray via PS3, OTA for HDTV
    1080p-Bedroom, 1080p-Familiy room, 1080i-Kitchen

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    Just to be clear, you're saying the MediaBridge.CurrentZone doesn't reflect the name of the current zone after you change zones?

    Likewise, for Wmp11 , you're saying that the MP.Volume value doesn't change the volume within Windows Media Player?

    I wasn't aware that there were code changes that impacted MediaBridge, but I'll look into it on this end.

    Thanks for the heads-up on both!


    UPDATE: I confirmed these on my end -- I think I have an idea why it's happening, so I'll get on it. Thanks again for the bug report!
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    As with v2.0.0.99, MarcelUtils Bar Charts seem to be broken. Works in v..98 with with drv_marcelutils.dll circa Dec 2006 (sorry, don't know how to determine version number) but NOT in v..99 and the latest drv_marcelutils.dll. FWIW, the newest NRD does NOT properly show the bar graph, even though the element is still present in the CCF.

    I'll reload the latest dll and try with v..100 but suspect it won't work. Over the next few days, I'll revert back to v..98 and do some screen shots of what it should look like and post a example to duplicate the problem. Sorry to post w/o a concrete example, but wanted to give you all a 'heads up'.

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