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    Is it possible to get a functional csevent for Android?

    The reason I ask is that I run Kodi on an NVIDIA Shield ATV device and would like to trigger Girder events from Kodi. Things like switching amplifier mode depending on media type (audio/video etc) being played, and also turn lights on and off.

    I have a Kodi plugin that is running a Python script, so what I need is a simple method of generating Girder events in Python on Android.

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    I have an even easier method. Enable the Girder webserver. Then call http://<GIRDERIP>/gir/triggerEvent.lhtml?es=<EVENTSTRING>&ed=18

    for example
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    Right. Thanks - that's just brilliant. There's just too many options :-)
    And thanks again for your extremely fast and good support, even during holidays.

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