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Thread: new install girder 6 on raspberry pi3 struggling

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    Default Rebuild for latest Raspbian Stretch please

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron View Post
    I've rebuild Girder against the latest RPI jessie. Give it a go now. If it still doesn't work report back with the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/promixis.list
    Hi Ron!

    Would you be so kind as to build Girder for the latest Raspbian Stretch for me please?
    That would be awesome!

    Robert Heessels

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    Hi Ron,

    Happy New Year!!

    I installed Girder without any problems on a Pi 3 with Jesse-Lite to use it as a back-end with my PIR-4. I started the "Girder6Service" and received "Girder License Path "/etc/xdg/Promixis/"". I remembered from your sticky that "you'll need to run the license app for each user that needs Girder on your Linux system". I ran the license command several different ways (including my name and license key), but each time I run "./license --show", it displays "No license found". What's the correct syntax?

    I saw some other posts talking about a "Girder 6.ini" but that file was not installed during installation.

    Please advise - THANK YOU!


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    Ahhhhh! A new day and a fresh cup of coffee!!

    I read your "Girder 6 on Linux " sticky this morning and found this gem: "Note that you'll need to run front-end once as root to install the license code." I installed Girder on a fresh install of Jessie (with GUI) and entered my license information when prompted during start-up. I saw right away what my problem was. The license string has to be in quotes! It's always something soooo simple! I copied the new "Girder 6.ini" file that was just created to "/etc/xdg/Promixis" in my previous "Lite" instance and it's working fine now.

    My suggestion is to make a note in the "Girder 6 on Raspberry Pi" sticky to include:

    Please create a "Girder 6.ini" file with:

    license="<your license name>\<your license key>"

    Do not forget to include the "\" and the "quotes", place it in: /etc/xdg/Promixis, then reboot.

    Some other information that might be helpful:

    Start "Girder Remote" on your front-end device, in the "Local Network" tab wait for the hostname of your back-end device(s) to populate (may take 30+ seconds), enter the default "girder" password and click "OK" to start.

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