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Thread: NetRemote.SendLabel syntax??

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    Default NetRemote.SendLabel syntax??


    Trying to work out all the basics and struggling with this,

    I am trying to display a variable on a button in netremote. Both server and netremote are running local. Girder 6.

    I have tried to follow some examples but unsure if things have changed in Girder 6.

    Put the following into a scripting action

    test = "hello";

    But i keep getting the error;

    [string "Scripting"]:3: '=' expected near '&'

    But this seems identical to all the sendlabel examples I have seen.
    What am i doing wrong?

    Thank you!!

    Edit: looks like i need need nr-feedback.lua or similar? I cant seem to get a copy of this and all the links to Netremote 2 suite are broken!!!! Off to a frustrating start

    Edit 2: No replies as yet, so I'll reply to myself!!
    So reading the manual a bit more, it looks like the correct way is now using KVs with girder6. I am guessing that I need to adjust the "caption" field in the button properties. I have tried replacing caption with various strings like "kv.value("label.cap").val" and setting label.cap as a kvs in girder but no luck.

    Am I on the right track now?
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