I really need this because I have two parts of my house, one that's rented out and one that we live in. Both have heat and audio control, but I have not yet been able to let the renters use a webpage to control it since I can't figure out how to separate them easily, with an URL that goes directly to the correct page, not one start page where you have to go to the correct page for the part of the house. To test it I have created a file named C:\Program Files (x86)\Promixis\Girder51\plugins\webserver\hosts.tx t and it contains these lines:

In the webserver config I have D:\Girder\Webserver1 as the directory. But that's all I get to no matter what IP i use (I'm of course testing it locally for the to work). I have been reading both the manual and an old thread:


In there Ron says:

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...you can do virtualhosts like this:

The parser is quite picky so make sure you end with one endline for this to work. And also adjust to your own names and IP addresses.
From what I can see there my setup really should be working. I don't get the part about one endline, but I have tried both with an empty line and without one. Or is endline in this respect something else? Can it be that the hosts.txt file should be in another place? Or is there anything else I can try? I really need this to work to give my renters acces, so can somebody please take pity in me?