Ok, so I'm still a bit new to this, but a long time ago I did some work with Girder 2.1 and an IR receiver called Irman, so I'm not a complete noob.

  • I received my PIR-1 today and plugged it in (using Windows 7). Drivers installed fine. So far so good.
  • Opened up Girder 6.0 and enabled the plug-in.
  • Grabbed a remote and pressed the '1' button.
  • Girder rewards me with a bunch of events (from 3 to 5) under the PIR-1 node in the event tree. They are all different.
  • Pressing the '1' key again adds a bunch more events to the PIR-1 event list. Again, all different. I now have 8 or so events from the same '1' key.
  • I tried this with another remote and the same thing happens.

My expectation was that each button press would result in a unique IR code in the events tree. I'm not sure what to do with all these events. I tried hanging one of them on an action but the results was nothing when I try it with the '1' key on the remote. Actually not nothing: it added a bunch more codes to the PIR-1 event node.

Not sure what do do with this now. Any ideas?