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Thread: Questions about logger, states, and actions

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    Default Questions about logger, states, and actions

    1) Is there a way to get Logger to show which action is being triggered by specific events? I'll see an event, and sometimes a half-dozen lines showing "Triggered", but no easy way to find it. What are the "Pld 1", "Pld 2", and "Pld 3" columns?

    2) Is there an explanation of what "States" are? I see them in my Actions, but the meanings of "State Count", "Trigger on State", or "Invert" aren't clear to me. How do I use these to create conditional actions?

    3) "DM Actions" have a field in them that shows "0.0 seconds" in their Edit tab. Can I use this to create a delay before or after an action?

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    1. Yes double click on the "Triggered" node in the logger, you'll see the node that indeed did trigger get highlighted in the tree above. -> Pld# are payloads that go along with the event, some events have these bits of additional information that you can use this inside actions [event.playloads[1]] ( See manual Actions->Square Bracket Notation )

    2. This creates conditionals based on how many times the node triggered. Set the state count to 3, trigger on state to 1 and not check invert and you 'll notice that the node only runs once every 3 activations.

    3. That allows you to revert back to start value after said number of seconds ( See manual Actions->Device Manager )
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    Okay! That's very helpful.

    I now have a power toggle button for my AVR instead of its usual "On" and "Standby" buttons.


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