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    When I started Girder in 1998 in my dorm room in the Netherlands I never could imagine where Girder and its offshoots would take me. Girder has been my bread and butter since leaving college and I have met a lot of very interesting people. I hope Girder and PEAC have made a difference in peoples lives, in the end that is what made the job worth every second. It has been a very fun ride but as with all rides there must be an end. As such I am sad to report that I have stopped selling Girder and the PIR hardware line. If you have an urgent need for any of these or would like to license or purchase the IP please contact

    I have been working for Cree in the Intelligent Lighting Research department and have enjoyed life in a large company. If you are in Chicago next week come say hi and see Cree's booth 1412 at Light Fair, we'll be showing off a product that I created the control technology for.

    Ron Bessems
    Founder / CEO Promixis, LLC
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