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Thread: Got a question ? Read this post ( forum Rules and FAQ )

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    Default Got a question ? Read this post ( forum Rules and FAQ )

    If you have a question be very sure to check the frequently asked questions page. This forums only deals with the UIRT hardware, do not ask questions about other hardware here.

    Girder F.A.Q.

    Failing to do so might get you a sharp response

    Got no clue on how this online stuff works ?
    Netiquette This one is a good place to start, I know I read this when I went online for the first time.

    If you are a newbie to this whole forum thing and have no real idea on how to 'behave' read this excellent article. ( This also applies to them old-timers, yeah, I read it too :-) )

    How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

    Rules of the Girder forums
    • If your question isn't answered in the FAQ you should search the forum. If that doesn't give you the desired result, ask on the forum. If that still does not help, you could try emailing Ron, BUT make sure that your question isn't answered before because Ron will be brief in his answer if you are asking for something that has been answered.
    • Only post questions once, do not repeat your questions in a different forum.
    • Please do not advertise other remote control programs, there are other places to do that. I will delete any references to other programs. I pay for this forum to support you guys not to support the competition. Thanks for understanding.
    • On the forum do not request that people answer you in an email, the forum is here so we can share solutions publically. If you need an email notification when someone replied to your question then check the "Notify me when a reply is posted" option in the Post Topic screen.
    • Don't PM RonB asking him to look at your post, he saw it, if he doesn't respond he doesn't know.
    • Post in English
    • Be friendly and patient, you are getting Girder for free, so don't go around demanding this and that. Usually Ron or someone else will reply within 24 hours but nothing is guaranteed. Of course suggestions are always welcome and will be implemented if Ron sees the use and has the time.
    • Girder is sophisticated software so carefully read all available help and experiment around with simple examples before trying the hard stuff.
    • Spam will not be tollerated, so if you want to sell some hardware/software contact Ron first for permission, failing in doing so will get you banned.
    • RonB's email address can be found in the about box of Girder, don't ask for it in a PM or on the forum.
    No support through PM

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    Default Uirt2B - Please help to make it work

    I received my Uirt 2B 3 days ago, but having problem getting it to work.

    Ever since I connected Uirt to the WOL pins, it will turn on by itself every time I shutdown window. I could only shutdown by pressing the power button on my PC. What is happening?

    I really have no idea whether my Uirt is working. No matter how I tried to learn IR from my remote, there is virtually no response. This is how I did it: From girder, I add a command; highlight it and choose "plugins"; highlight "Uirt driver"; Choose "setting"; Choose "modify pic pot pin", and set GPIO to "port b2", "pulse" radio button, "pause girder until action/transmission is finished" radio button. Follow by "pic config" and program slot 1. When I try to learn, there is no response on the progress status bar no matter how I press my remote. Have I done correctly or my receiver had fried?

    I don't know how to use the test program. But I noticed that when I set the COM port to 2 under girder, girder will load with no error message. However the test program will indicate at bottom, "unble to open port". The message disappear will I set it to COM1 instead of COM2 in Girder. What's is wrong here?

    Plse help by pointing me to the right direction. Thanks in anticipation.


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    Default Re: Got a question ? Read this post ( forum Rules and FAQ )

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron
    ...[*]Be friendly and patient, you are getting Girder for free, so don't go around demanding this and that.
    This might need to be updated. I mean people can still be patient, and a little more demanding, but girder doesn't seem to be free anymore... is it?


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    Hi, i am in my senior year of my bachelor's degree. I am working on a project that involves, using USBUIRT. I want to develop a software where i can take signals that come from external source and identify which signal means the frequency signal for lets say changing the channel on a TV Remote. What tools should i use to develop this software?

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