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Thread: a Solution for IrDa motherboard Ports ...

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    Default a Solution for IrDa motherboard Ports ...

    hello, i have made a tutorial to make work IrDa motherboard Ports ...

    just go on (sorry, it is in french but a translate link for english) and install DirectIr drivers for your Windows ...

    Now, you must run the Unsupported IrDA driver for Girder 3.0 (and not 3.2), i go to put directly this version on my site ... (in 2-3 days ...)


    but if i post that it is to ask for a recompilation of this plug in because he is no perfect ...
    only one little bug : he detect a signal every 1 minutes but there is no signal !!! (hex value is FF or FFFF (double signal FF in fact) ), it is surrely possible to make a sort of filtre for this hex code ... NO ?

    and another question : how can i make this plug-in support new versions of girder (the design of 3.0 is not pretty ...)


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    the source of the irda plugin:

    you can update it yourself to girder 3.2
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