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Thread: "set group target"

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    well , anyway I discovered this function "set group target" , so as I understand every command in that group will be sent only to that target, right ?

    so, now here's my question ... is there any way to make also sure that this target is the active one ?

    if I would be able to do that, then I don't need to set-up a switch , and it will be very good set-up :wink:

    thanks ...

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    p.s. question , will girder go in that group if window doesn't exist at all ?


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    Set group target is just an easy way to set all the target of the commands in a group, it doesn't change the way girder works.

    Girder executes each action, if that action depends on a target, Girder will first try to find the target, if it doesn't find a target that action will not be executed.

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