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Thread: Who wants modyfy TCP/IP plugin to work with WEB browser as

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    I got all resources. HTTP headers, HTTP authnitcation, comunication example, algorithm, authentication code examples in C. But i have no time to do it myself and do not have any exprince in using windows C API. Anyone wants to help ? The idea is to show remote as webpage (HTML page is ready) in Web browser eg. IE then control girder using WEB Remote. Like Lirc but using browser

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    It's probably simpler to merely write an interface to the existing TCP/IP server in the page scripting language of your choice; PHP or ASP; or as a CGI...

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    I'm just getting started with Girder, and I'm jumping straight into the TCP/IP plug-in. I'm familiar with perl (from ages ago...) but I never used it to send connections over TCP/IP directly, just for manipulating/creating text for HTTP traffic. Can someone give me a pointer of where to look in the perl documentation to get started with a script that can send the commands to the address and port that I have the girder plugin running on? I'd appreciate any pointers so I don't spend ALL my time wading through the books.


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    Here's a great start to a web-based TCP/IP client.
    I've started using this and ASP to use an Audrey for Girder control.
    Thanks to Brian (nick: Brain) at for finding this. This won't help with the PERL stuff, but it's a great solution for web control.


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