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Thread: Bug? Keyboard action: SHIFT + special key

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    This is NOT a bug in Girder. In fact, the above command does work with most applications. iTune is a MAC application that has been wrapped to work under Windows. It does not except keystroke commands very well. But if you look here you will find 2 groups that control iTunes.

    As I have said above and as is true for many applications that try and emulate a key stroke, this is a "hack". Windows was not designed to do this. It makes it impossible to provide a way that is 100% reliable.

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    MikeC has explained this sufficiently right now, I'm locking this thread to prevent escalation.

    Some application simply don't respond to keyboard commands, ported Mac applications like these are notorious for that. It seems that you are not happy with Girder, sadly there is nothing that we can do to fix that.
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