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Thread: Frequently Asked Questions (look in here first)

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    Default Frequently Asked Questions (look in here first)

    FAQ Link

    Answers the most often asked questions, although I see one that is missing:

    The font looks messed up, I don't see the play, stop graphics, I just see ugly blocks. What gives?

    For the best experience, you should have the Pronto font installed on your Pocket PC. It is not required, but some symbols will be missing without it.
    This font is about 90k, but I'm unsure as to the legalities of making the Pronto font directly available for download, so for now, if you haven't done so, download the "ProntoPro Edit" application at Remote Central. Once you've installed ProntoPro Edit, you'll see Pronto.ttf in your windows\Fonts directory. Copy this file to your Pocket PC \Windows\Fonts directory, and you'll be all set.

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    Q. How do I install NetRemote?
    A. Check out Zak's guide.

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