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Thread: Button Push, Button Release

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    Default Button Push, Button Release

    I would like to see a button property that would allow you to call 2 diffferent events. One for the Button Push and the Second for a Button Release.

    PTZ cameras, once you send a command to start them panning or zooming will not stop untill you send a stop command. It would be nice for them to continue to move untill you let your finger off the button.

    Thanks for a great product,

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    If you are using Girder, download the 'Button Mode' plug-in. With it, you can specify different actions for button press, button hold, and button release.


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    Hi Mike,

    I have put the plumbing in to support this feature. It will be a little hack'ish because I'll need to put something in so the GirderDriver understands when you mean for it to fire on mousedown, and when you want it to fire on mouseup.

    You could also check out what Dave suggests.

    I needed this functionality (mouse up/mouse down) for the NRBasic functionality (the functionality that will allow you to get rid of headers and footers and still get the "Home", "Device", "Macro" jump buttons.

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