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Thread: Problem with repeating commands

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    I have a problem with repeating commands, that comes out with the keyboard driver too.
    The problem happens with commands activated by the same code, belonging to differents groups.
    For example, suppose i have two groups. In the first one there is a command that disables the first group, then enables the second. In the second, there is a command that does the exact opposite.
    Executing this with "Test command" gives no prob, but sending the keystroke will mess up.
    I found a workaround, that is to "Stop processing" after the 2 commands, but i think it's a bug that may need mayor attention.

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    This is NOT a bug, this is just the way things work in Girder, if the first group is enabled and the command get executed there, it disables the first group and enables the second group, then girder continues scanning for the tree in a linear fashion, and thus finding the enabled second group and thus disabling the first group. Perfectly normal behaviour. Not what you wanted, but exactly as you programmed Girder.

    The alternate option is to use "states". You might want to check them out.


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