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Thread: NetRemote 0.995 Available

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    After a lot of messing around (it turned out I was using an old version of netremote, despite the fact that I used the installer-suite. Could it be that it doesn't overwrite the ppc2k installer if it's already in the directory?) I managed to get the webbrowser to work.

    For test purposes I'm using the url which is the IP-adress for the computer that runs media center. The first pages displays but rather slowly (after 3-4 seconds). Clicking on a link doesn't work.

    going twice to this url:
    gave me an out of memory error

    I'm running on a Ipaq 5550, pocket pc 2003


    (edited because I had to leave in a hurry before really finishing the message)

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    Ben, there's a weird bug in my PPC version: When I have the CCF on the SD card, and not in main memory, everything will stop working when I have turned off the PPC and turned it on again. The buttons paints as down and then up again, but nothing happens. Not even jumps. I have to close NR and re-open it (but using the close buttons in the CCF doesn't work) to get function back.
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