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Thread: HW generated string prefixes

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    I know you are busy Ron, (good luck on your exams!) but, since you are doing a bit of work on the plugin interface, could you consider a new concept for 3.0.22 or .23?

    I wrote about this in one of the other posts but thought we could discuss it here and not pollute that thread. bodziak came up with an idea for string parsing, comparing and mapping which sounds kind of cool.

    The idea: Allow all strings generated by HW plugins to go to one command handler (built in or software plugin) IF the strings start with a specified prefix.

    An example: A HW plugin generates some strings in the form "CONNECT xxxx". Allow all these strings to go to one command handler which can either parse the xxxx part of the string or just take the correct action.

    I would think of this as a command handler for this "class" of command strings. Girder could still do the learned string exact match search first (does this string exactly match "CONNECT 19200/V41") and dispatch as a learned string, just like today. Then Girder could do a substring match to see if it matches a command class handler for that command class. I don't know if the command class comparison should ALWAYS be in addition to the exact match. Maybe an option.

    Here is a different problem I'm trying to solve where this would help: I have some X10 HW Plugins that will generate ~ 6400 unique messages. I am building a SW plugin that will complement this hardware plugin by showing the current state of all X10 devices. I'd like to keep the plugins seperate for size, complexity and user interface purposes. In the SW plugin, I don't want to learn each message as a unique command. Some of the messages will be used to trigger unique commands and learning those will be OK. However, I need to see all of the HW generated strings inside the SW plugin to keep the state correct.

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    Just for reference,. this has been built into girder by now (3.0.22)

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