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Thread: TCP/IP server and multiple NICs

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    I seem to be having a problem running the TCP/IP server plugin. Running netstat -an from a command prompt shows it is only binding to one of my network cards, and not even to the loopback( This means I can only connect from devices on the same interface as the one it binds to. This is a problem, since I wish to use girder from the other network, but cannot reach it because it is attached to the wrong interface. Basically to fix this, could you allow the IP address or interface to bind to be specified in the TCP/IP server settings dialog? That would help a great deal.

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    I've updated the TCP/IP server to bind to all local address, at least i think it does. You can download it here.

    Let me know if it works or not.


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    Great, that works fine now! Thanks a lot for getting that done so quick!


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