Welcome to the Girder 4 Alpha/Beta tester group. You have been selected to take part in this exciting project because you have shown yourself to be knowledgeable in the art of Girder! This group is by invitation only and is inaccessible to non-members, all information in here is semi secret Do not post screenshots outside of this group nor use the Alpha/Beta products as a judgement of the final product.

Girder 3.x took many revisions to get where it is now, G4 should not need as many however G4 includes many new technologies and has not seen widespread testing, expect things to fail. Also be aware that I will have to break things during this testing period. So do not use G4 on any mission critical HT setups or get mad when things do not keep working the same between Alpha releases.

As always when reporting a bug please put a description in the SUBJECT, posts with only 'bug report' in the subject will be frowned upon (possibly worse).

To prevent accidental leaks of the product we have decided that to use the alpha/beta you will need a registration key. This key is handed out by me. Usually when you get invited I will also provide a key, if you do not have a key or lost it email me. The latest G4 installation should be available from one of the sticky posts at the top of the forum.

Other then that I hope we will get a great product out the door as soon as possible!! Thank you so much for you continued involvement with Girder we really appreciate it.