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Thread: ParseRegString

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    I know you are fighting fires for a new release but, when you get a chance, I'm wondering how to use this interface correctly. If I pass it a string that contains a register identifier, like [reg1], it reallocates the memory and expands the string with the register value inside. Right?

    2 questions:
    1) How do I get the memory for the string to start with? Do I pass a pointer to NULL into the ReallocPchar() routine?

    2) How do I free the memory when I'm done?

    Is there an example that I have missed? I looked in the skeleton amd sendmessage.

    I know the source to the new and improved OSD popup would show me this since it needs to do the same thing in the command_exec() routine.

    I'll make you a deal, make an example available and I'll write a short summary for the API documentation.

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    Deal!, I'll send you a pluging by email
    later .. if i don't forget ;-)


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