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Thread: CCF for Dell Axim x50V

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    see my reply to your other post


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    Sorry I did an accidental thread jump. With Marcels help I got the correct version of his utilities and It shows up as an instance.

    Now I have the problem with AvidUtils. They dont show either on NR-setting-plugins. I went to Avid site and downloaded his latest dll created 17 July 2008 and tried that. Got message that it was too old.

    Put back the one that came with NR. It says created 24 Jul 2008, Modified 3 July 2008. (I dont understand zipped dates?)

    Now NR starts silently with arbujl but no Avid on instances list. Home page has lots of yellow Titres on it like text isn't working. Also no connection. I can navigate only to the Power and Lights pages.

    Do I have a version problem with avidUtils? If I use Avid site utils, they are too old. If I use the ones that came with NR they are no show on NR-setting-plugins.

    I presume it is not a dependency problem, else I would see 'cant find drv_avidutils.dll'

    Running NR on XP MCE.

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    I am running arbujl on NR and clicking on what I know to be TV OFF button, although it is labelled 'New'.
    In NRDesigner, I see that two actions are attached, one to send TV.Power.On to Girder and the other to save the power 'on' state in a NR variable.

    I look in (UnnamedGML) on Girder and see that it captures this event and maps to a PowerOn IR code for USBUIRT.

    When I click on the button in arbujl, I see a 'Communication Server' 'TV.Power.Off' message arriving in the log. So arbujl is communication to some degree with girder although its display says 'Pas de connection'.

    Am I at the point where it is nearly working, but it needs avidUtil and for some reason it won't load it??

    NR on XP MCE SP2

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    AvidUtils now shows up as "Advanced Controls" in the plugin instance list

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    Thank you for help

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