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Girder is the award winning, home, office and industrial automation software that allows users of all skill level to make advanced scripts and macros to automate many functions both on the computer and around the house or office. Girder is a graphical user interface that allows easy access to devices like lights, security systems, home theater, and any or all PC's functions including full application control for any program.

Girder is very adaptable to its users needs. Whether you want to manage your video and audio hardware, adjust your home theater lighting, or program your security system, you can control and automate it all with Girder. Included with Girder is a library that contains hundreds of plug-ins, pre-configured actions, and support for leading third party hardware devices and software applications. Commercial automation has never been as easy as it is with Girder.

Girder also includes a built in web server that allows for scripts and macros to be executed from a fully customizable web page. Supporting encryption and login/password ensures only authorized users can access the control of your Girder Automation system.

Girder is built for user-friendliness. Most of the usage of Girder is simply dragging and dropping actions into your scripts. Many predefined Girder actions are included in the GUI, making Girder easy to integrate with any program or device.

A lot of our users use Girder to make their homes more accessible. Girder has excellent support for hardware and customizability. With Girder and a PIR-1 you can get an affordable start in controlling your environment using assistive technologies!

Automation Features

Girder comes in three versions, Standard, Pro and Whole Home Pro. Girder Standard is designed solely for controlling applications running on the same PC as Girder using an IR remote. Girder Pro is our full-featured version that can monitor and control a wide variety of devices and software applications. Girder Whole Home Pro has the same features as the Pro version but allows multiple copies to be used in a non-commercial setting inside the same household.

Network Communications XX
Lua ScriptingXXX
Text to Speech (SAPI) XX
Girder (secure) Webserver XX
Home Automation (x10 [cm11], zwave, upb) XX
Infrared remotesXXX
Global Cache XX
Windows Control and AutomationXXX
Windows Embedded Support X 
RS232 Communications XX
Automated Task Scheduling XX
PIR-1 SupportXXX
PIR-4 SupportXXX
Twitter PostingXXX
Twillio IntegrationXXX
RFXCom IntegrationXXX
ZWave *XX
Insteon PLM + HUB 2242-222XX
Nest - Works with NestXX
Telldus TellstickXXX
Windows XPXXX
Windows VistaXXX
Windows 7XXX
Windows 8XXX
Windows 8.1XXX
Windows 10XXX
Raspberry PiXXX
Linux (Debian Wheezy)XXX
Girder Licenses Included11non-commercial unlimited in 1 household

* = Available to soon
** = NetRemote Dynamic runs on these platforms, not the full Girder.

Not all Girder features are listed. Promixis reserves the right to make future Girder plugins only available for a specific version or as a separate product.

Commercial and Industrial Automation Consultation

Need a solution fast but do not have time to develop it yourself? No problem, contact our sales department and ask about our automation consulting services. We can design and implement full Commercial and Industrial Automation systems for you, saving you time and money.