Pressing a button on Windows Calculator

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Concepts: Actions and Events


Girder stores it's configuration in an GML tree. The GML Tree lives on the main Girder window on the top-right hand side. In the image below you can see it displaying "New File" and "New Group" etc. On the top left-hand side you can find the available actions. These are actions that Girder can do but are not yet integrated in your configuration.



Girder's Main Window


If this is the first time you start Girder you most likely have an empty Girder Tree. Let's start a new GML for it. Click on File->New. You should see a "New File" node pop up. Click on the little triangle in front of it to expose the "New Group" as well. With the new group clicked find the "Windows" folder in the available actions box. Click on it's triangle to open it and find "Clicked". Double click it. This should make "New Group"'s icon have a little triangle as well. This means it has something inside as well. Click on that triangle to open it up. You'll see "Clicked" on the tree. Double click "Clicked".



Girder's Main Window with action open.


You should now see a screen much like the one above. This is the action configuration. We'll now tell this action what item to click. Start the Windows Calculator. Then press the "Target..."  button.



Window Picker dialog.


The easiest way to configure all these options is by clicking and dragging the bullseye from the top right corner to the button you'd like to press on the calculator. Let's say we want to click the number "7" button. Drag the bullseye to the number 7 button.



Window Picker configured for Windows Calculator


Feel free to hit the test button to make sure the targeting is correct. Click OK when satisfied. Now comes the fun part. Back on the action page click on "Apply and Test". Keep an eye on the Windows Calculator it's now pressing the 7 button automatically.