Connection Dialog

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The connection dialog allows you to control how Girder runs and what instance it connects to.


In process

In process means that the Girder back-end runs simultaneously with the front-end in the same process on your machine. This is the way that Girder 5 worked.



Connection Dialog


Even though the back-end runs in the same process you can still connect to the back-end from a different computer to the back-end. To do that you'll need to use the same port and password as you entered on this dialog. If you wish to encrypt the communication traffic check the "Secure Connection" dialog.

Local Network

Once you started the Girder back-end on your local network you should see it appear in the list here.



Local Network tab


To connect highlight the server (= Girder back-end) you'd like to connect to and enter it's password.


If the Girder back-end does not show up in your local network list you can still connect to it. You must then specify the hostname, port number and password.




Internet Tab