Hook Events to Actions

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There are a few different ways to hook events to actions. We'll describe 3 ways of doing it.


This is the hard way, which some people prefer, no judgment on our part there! Find the action you wish to add the event to. Click on the action. Next click "Edit->Add Event". Now fill in the various fields manually. Making sure you get the modifiers set correctly.



Event Editor

From the Log window

This is a quick and easy way to add events. Simply have the log window open. Trigger the event to happen, whatever it may be. For example the keyboard plugin triggers events when you type. Then drag and drop from the log window onto the action which should get the action!



Log Window

From the Events tree

The Events tree keeps a record of events that passed by recently. It organizes them by source. So all Girder events and Keyboard events are organized neatly. To add one of those events to an action. Highlight the action and double click the event. Or drag and drop it onto an action.



Events Listing