Importing IR codes from the web

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Promixis provides a library of IR codes that Girder can download automatically into the IR Devices Component. Once the IR codes are imported you can trigger them from an action, a web page or the NetRemote interface.


Let's walk through the steps required to make this work.


Enable your IR output device plugin

The first step is to make sure you have the IR output device enabled. This could be a PIR-1 or PIR-4. Check that the plugin is enabled. The second plugin we need enabled is the "IR Devices Plugin". Make sure this is enabled as well on the settings dialog.

Enable your IR output device component

To expose the IR output capability of your plugin to the device manager you must create a component and device for it. In the case of the PIR-1 / PIR-4 all you need to do is to create a component of the PIR-1 / PIR-4 plugin. The plugin will automatically create a device for each plugged in PIR-1 or PIR-4.


Once you verified both plugins are enabled you can go to the next step. Creating an IR Devices component.

Creating an IR Devices component

The device manager organizes device and controls inside components. In the case of the the IR Devices plugin you'll only need to create a component once. For some plugins it makes sense to have multiple components but for not for this plugin. So stick with one component.

To create it click "Edit -> Add Component". You should see "New IR Devices Plugin Component". To rename any of the items on this tree click on them, then press F2.


Make sure it's enabled by click on the 'Enabled' checkbox while the component is highlighted.

Add a device

IR Codes need to be contained inside a "Device". So highlight the "New IR Devices Plugin Component" node and click "Edit -> Add Device". Give it a name of your liking and click OK. Click on the newly created device, you should see something similar to the following dialog:



New Device


Notice that again the newly created device is disable by default, so click "Enabled"!


Next we notice we have a few options available. "Import IR codes from web", "Import from .IRP file", "Export to web", "Mass assign IR output to all child controls". We'll now do the actual import.


Importing first asks what device you will use to actually transmit the IR codes. Pick the device and the output port from the first page of the wizard.



web import


Next we can pick the manufacturer and the device model. Note that often even though we don't have an exact match you can use a IR profile for the same kind of device from the same manufacturer for a different model. For example the Samsung 2333HD might work with several other models, just try it out by selecting the IR code and hitting "Test IR code".