IR Codes

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Together with a PIR-1 or a PIR-4 Girder can be used to control all kinds of equipment that is operated with a remote control. For this to work with a PIR this remote has to be a IR (infra red) remote. Typically 90% of remotes out there are IR remotes.


If you are not certain your remote is infra red an easy way to test is by being close to the device you are controlling but covering the remote with a towel while pressing the button. If the equipment still responds it's likely to not be a IR remote as they need line of sight to work.


Next we'll need to get a IR (or CCF) code. This is a long list of numbers that represent the timings of the signal that is sent out. Typically you don't need to know any details about these. The PIR-1 can learn IR codes for you. The PIR-4 can only send.