Networked General purpose IO module.

The Promixis PIO-1 is a network multifunction input output device capable of sending and receiving IR codes, network to serial conversion, digital input output and relay control. It supports DHCP and static IP configuration.



The Promixis PIO-1 is a networked general purpose IO module that has the following features:

  • 2 Serial outputs (RS-232)
  • 4 IR Outputs (CCF-RAW universal IR support)
  • 1 IR Input ( Decodes: Philips RC5 & RC6, Sony SIRC and NEC infra red protocols )
  • 3 Relays ( dry-contact )
  • 2 bi-directional digital ports
  • Web configuration interface

What can you do with it?

These modules can be used a wide variety of situations some examples are:

  • TV with serial connection that needs to be controlled but is far from the computer controlling it.
  • Projectors with Serial ports that need to be controlled centrally.
  • Serial UPB powerline modules.
  • IR Control of consumer electronics, like TV's Radio's or DVD players. The PIO-1 has 4 IR outputs that accept Xantech style IR emitters.
  • Contact closure control of equipment. The PIO has 3 built-in relays so your museum can provide for animation of exhibits
  • Detection of contact closure. If you need to detect when a button is pressed the digital input lines can be used.
  • Works great with Girder to automate anything and everything.

What does it look like inside?

I know some of you really like to see what makes a product tick. So instead of opening the PIO-1 and damaging something here is a photo of the innards.

Note that the IR Reception is not intended for learning IR code only recognizing IR codes.

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