Promixis PIR-1

USB Connected IR transceiver with keyboard emulation. (MK2)

Remote Control

The PIR-1 is a USB connected IR (Infra Red) receiver and transmitter. It is designed to allow you to control consumer electronics around you. This includes TVs, DVD players, Stereos and projectors but is most definitely not limited to this. The transmitter supports the industry standard CCF-raw format. The PIR-1 has built-in high-power IR emitters and a 2 channel connector in the back for a Xantech style IR emitter directly or if you wish to use both channels you can purchase a splitter which then takes two of the stick on emitters.

Learning new codes

If you can't find the IR code to your device in our library you can learn the IR code much like you do with universal remotes. Simply hold the remote you wish to emulate in front of the PIR-1 and press and hold the button. After about 5 seconds the PIR-1 will report the IR code.

Wakeup PC from Standby

The PIR-1 allows you to program 2 remote control buttons that will wake up the PC from standby mode.


The PIR-1 also has a keyboard emulation mode. This allows you to plug buttons into the unit that will act like regular keyboard buttons. This can be of great use for people with disabilities that need a way to hook up larger buttons, head paddles or other assistive technologies to interface with the computer. This is especially useful in combination with scanning software like PEAC.

Control your computer with a remote

The PIR-1 in combination with Girder 5 also allows you to control your computer with almost any IR remote control you have. You can control your power point slideshow, your media player or almost any other software with any IR remote.


The PIR-1 comes with a detachable 3 foot USB cable. This allows you to pick the correct length cable for your purpose.


To actually use the PIR-4 you will need software to drive it. We suggest using Girder. Alternatively you can use the SDK to develop your own software or use the free commandline IR sender.

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