NetRemote Box

Girder 6 has NetRemote included no need to purchase this product separately. This page is here for historical purposes only.


Smart and Flexible User Interface

NetRemote from Promixis is the ultimate in 2-way remote control using your Pocket PC or any Windows computer. Unleash your digital media library and control your computer and home automation systems wirelessly! Using NetRemote and your WiFi-enabled Pocket PC or any networked Windows computer, you will have full control of your digital media from anywhere in your house. With the NetRemote IR library, you can replace all of your remote controls with a Pocket PC.

Digital DJ

Browse your music from iTunes, Windows Media Center, Winamp or JRiver Media Center by artist, genre, playlist, title or even by album cover, adjust the volume, and let the music play. Use NetRemote for your next party and let your guests play DJ by passing the PocketPC around. NetRemote is incredibly easy and fun, and once you use it, you'll never put it down.

NetRemote MCE Interface

Total Remote Control

Toss your remotes away - NetRemote in combination with Girder and a USB-UIRT or a NetRemote and a Global Caché will allow you to control your home theatre. Take advantage of the large library of Pronto CCF files available on the internet.

Multimedia Maestro

Using NetRemote and your favorite media player, control your A/V presentations, slideshows, and digital video using your PocketPC. It's easy!

Home Automation

NetRemote can control your home automation system when used in conjunction with Girder, and other third party applications. NetRemote allows 2-way communication with any TCP/IP device and can control serial and IR devices directly using the Global Caché device.

NetRemote Home Automation

Sophisticated Custom Controls

NetRemote provides a sophisticated environment for custom screens and controls using its built-in scripting language. Display data from a wide variety of sources including weather and TV channel listings.

NetRemote Designer

Upgrade Policy

If you own a license to NetRemote 1.x you qualify for a %10 discount of NetRemote 2.x, not combinable with any other offers.

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