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The USB-UIRT is a unique IR (infra red) receiver and transmitter. It connects to your computer through a USB port. It allows you to receive IR signals from regular IR remotes, like your TV remote. Together with a software package like Girder, the USB-UIRT allows your computer to be controlled by any remote in the house. On top of that since the USB-UIRT can send Infra Red signals as well it can control your normal Audio/Video equipment. This could be for example your DVD player, TV, Amplifier or Projector.


  • Infra Red Receiver
  • Infra Red Transmitter
  • Infra Red Extender Port, for external IR transmitter
  • USB Connection
  • 34-40KHz Frequency Range reception
  • OPTIONAL: 56KHz IR Receiver (not available in store, call)
  • 8 Meter Sensitivity
  • USB Wake-from-Standby Capability
  • Built-in wideband IR detector for accurate Learning, including carrier frequency.
  • Fully Plug and Play
  • Full compatible with Girder and NetRemote.


The USB-UIRT is small and of very high quality, each USB-UIRT is tested by hand! So DOA are very uncommon, it is manufactered in the USA to the highest quality standards. In the unlikely event that your USB-UIRT is defective we will replace or repair at no cost any defect due to material or workmanship during the 90 day warranty period. Of course tampering with the USB-UIRT voids the warranty.

Usage with Girder To use the USB-UIRT with Girder go throught the following steps, if anything is unclear please do read the Girder manual.

Receiving IR events

  1. Install the drivers
  2. Plug the USB-UIRT into the computer
  3. Enable the USB-UIRT plugin in Girder

    Your USB-UIRT should be receiving IR Signals. Point a remote at the USB-UIRT and see if the Girder activity light (lower left hand corner) flashes yellow.

Note: To assign an event to an action the easiest is to simply drag an event from the log window to the action you intend to trigger with that action.

Sending IR signals

To send out an IR signal we'll need to take several steps.

  1. Create or Open a GML (make sure you have a GML open and a folder created.).
  2. In the action list on the left handside find USB-UIRT and drag the "USB-UIRT action" to the newly created folder/group.
  3. In the dialog that comes up hit 'Learn IR code'.
  4. Now press the button on the remote while holding it close to the front of the USB-UIRT.
  5. The newly learned code should appear in the action dialog.
  6. Hit F5 to test it!

Passthrough functionality for NetRemote

You can also configure Girder to use the USB-UIRT as the IR passthrough device. This means that when you hit a button inside NetRemote this event travels over the Wireless or Wired network into Girder and Girder passes the IR code onto the USB-UIRT which turns it into IR and can then control a TV or other IR controlled device.


This is what the USB-UIRT looks like inside.

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