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Promixis was founded in 2004, when it bought Girder and NetRemote with the purpose of bringing automation solutions within reach of everyone. Work on Girder was begun in 1998 by our CEO, Ron Bessems, who also heads the development teams. Promixis is headquartered in beautiful Chapel Hill, NC

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Please visit our product forums where you will find answers to most questions, tips, and examples. The best place to start is the search page. We typically will answer your question within 24 hours. As a forum member you can enjoy interacting with our large, active community of users who share your interests.

For issues that cannot be resolved on our forum, please contact our support staff

Phone: (804) 491-6950

Reseller / OEM Inquiries

Resellers and OEM partners looking to partner with Promixis and our award-winning products can contact our sales team.

Consulting Services

Promixis offers a range of IT consulting services related to automation or beyond automation, our engineers are highly qualified all-rounders who are ready to help. Contact our sales department for a quote.