Non-Profit Automation

Tight budget yet still need to have some level of automation for your local non-profit or church? Look no further, we can provide you with all the tools at prices that non-profits can afford.

Customer Testimonial

Just following up after our big event. We were doing a big Christmas service at our church where I wanted to create a video wall with 4 projectors running video backgrounds. I wanted each projector to only play a portion of the content so that collectively the stage would be filled a single with a large image. The challenge was to get all 4 projectors and laptops in sync. There are many systems costing thousands of dollars that do this professionally but when I learned about Girder I was convinced I could achieve a similar result at a fraction of the cost. Using Girder to Girder commands and Net Remote, I created an on screen GUI to control each presentation computer simultaneously from a master computer. It didn't take much messing to figure out how to capture commands from Media Shout (which is like Power Point) and then make a remote button to fire each cue simultaneously on the playback computers. We ran two services back to back without missing a beat and the system ran without a hitch. I know I haven't really scratched the surface of what Girder can do for automation in our broadcast operation , but I'm excited at the possibilities going forward from here.

Thanks for your excellent software. It allowed us to do something for a couple hundred that would have cost at least 10 times as much otherwise!

Dan Roesch

Another Testimonial

Girder is used around the country in churches and government settings to automate their equipment. Using Girder for them is a great way to get the awesome power Girder gives them yet stay within the budget of a small church! Bill Lyons write about his intentions with Girder 4.

We currently use Girder to control video switchers via RS-232; DVD player, VCR and 2 satellite receivers via IR; we use MIDI sysex files to send commands to Girder from our presentation software, Media Shout (, and I wrote a custom C# application to be a UI which communicates with Girder via COM.

With the "whole house" version and v5.0 upgrade, we plan to use Girder to also control our video projectors, lighting system and Ethernet Power Controllers which control the sequence of power-up and shutdown of the various video cameras, switchers, monitors, recorders, etc.

I wrote a white paper about the first version of this project. You can find the paper here. It is a bit out-of-date.

Bill Lyons