Automation Consulting

If your application has special needs, Promixis offers a consultation service to our customers.

Promixis consulting services for all of our products can save you time and money in the automation of your work place. Ranging from security systems to complex entertainment solutions, Promixis has staff with experience in the automation applications you need. Promixis staff are well versed in Girder and its usage. Our clients for Industrial and Commercial applications range from healthcare organizations to government facilities and Department of Defense Applications.

Promixis offers consulting services for automation projects in a wide variety of areas, from new buildings in the planning phase to retrofitting existing structures.

Automation consulting services include:

  • Assessing the needs of our clients
  • Installation of automation hardware and software
  • Maintenance of automation system
  • Lighting control- x10, Insteon, Z-Wave, UPB
  • Custom security systems- HAI, Omni, Elk M1
  • Board room Powerpoint Control
  • Power savings monitoring
  • Home and commercial theater control
  • Government automation systems
  • Healthcare automation for patient care
  • Custom automation software development

Why choose Promixis Automation?

Promixis has over fifteen years of experience in automation software and applications, saving you valuable time and money by not reinventing the wheel. Our knowledgeable staff has worked on projects for schools, hospitals, department of defense, industry and consumer applications. To see how our clients liked their automation solutions, check out our testimonials!