Educational Automation

Our software is currently managing over 1000 classrooms. We provide the power to automate and manage your classrooms all over campus at a very cost effective level, competing with many of the extremely expensive systems out there.

Some tasks that are typical for this scenario

  • Centralized Projector Control and Management
  • Centralized Lighting Control
  • Media Controls

Contact us for more information. We work with several installers and value-added resellers. Contact us for referrals if you are interested.


Girder has been a key piece of software in our large scale classroom upgrade project. We have managed to integrate reliable automation controls in all of our classrooms because of this affordable solution. The provided support from Promixis has been outstanding and extremely responsive. We absolutely love the ability to customize and support our automation panels without the need to pay expensive hourly technicians to reprogram the "closed" systems. When searching for an "open" automation solution that is affordable, reliable, customizable, and packed full of features... Girder delivers!

Sean M. at major University in Harrisburg, PA

"With educators as end-users sometimes we have to think outside the box. We have in the past had 4 types of remotes for them to use. We will be simplifying down to one remote with presentation features and have Girder software drive the other devices via RF. Thank you for the quick the response!"

Barbara, University Help Desk Manager