Promixis PIR-4

USB Connected 8 port IR transmitter.

Remote Control


The PIR-4 is a USB connected IR (Infra Red) transmitter. It is designed to allow you to control consumer electronics around you. This includes TVs, DVD players, Stereos and projectors but is most definitely not limited to this. The transmitter supports the industry standard CCF-raw format. The PIR-4 has 8 ports for Xantech style IR emitters that can be plugged directly on the device you wish to control and that can be address individually.

Please note that you will need at least one IR emitter with the PIR-4 as it does not have any built-in IR transmitters.

Learning new codes

If you can't find the IR codes you need to control your hardware you can use the PIR-1 to learn those codes. The PIR-4 is only designed to transmit codes.


To actually use the PIR-4 you will need software to drive it. We suggest using Girder. Alternatively you can use the SDK to develop your own software or use the free commandline IR sender.

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