Promixis Releases Girder 4.0

Offers significantly more power and flexibility for home automation control.

Minneapolis, MN December 26, 2005 -- Promixis LLC today announced the immediate availability of Girder 4.0 at its Web site: Girder has been leading computer and home automation since 1998. Version 4.0 incorporates a new user interface with significant advances in usability and flexibility to allow for simple task automation and program control.

Girder is based on an event-driven architecture that makes action and command automation possible from almost any type of internal or external input. Girder responds to remote control commands, scheduled events, external devices such as security panel controls, and commands received over your home network or the internet, and turns those commands into home automation events. Users are able to manage video and audio hardware, adjust home theater lighting, program security systems, and much more. With Lua, Girder's scripting language, there is no limit on Girder's capabilities. The new integrated development environment makes it quick and easy to automate most any task.

New features in Girder 4.0 include:
• New user interface for fast and easy application development
• Highly customizable OSD for user notification, status reports and menus
• Flexible task scheduling with conditional event triggering
• Web-based system control from any internet browser
• Standard event mapping for common remote control tasks
• Simple-to-use weather retrieval functionalities
• Lua 5 scripting with multithreading for fast, sophisticated and simultaneous actions
• Configurable integrated development environment with logging and variable inspection

"Girder 4.0 retains the best features and ideas from previous versions and makes them even better. It adds many new features, many of which were requested by our users, to truly improve the home automation experience," stated Ron Bessems, vice president of Promixis, LLC.

Users may download a 30-day free trial of Girder 4.0 at Girder 4.0 requires a PC using Windows 98 or greater. Three versions are available for purchase:
Standard 49.99, Pro 99.99, and Whole Home Pro 149.99

About Promixis
Promixis, LLC, the makers of Girder and NetRemote, is a leader in home automation software. Privately held, Promixis was founded in 2004 to help mainstream users take full advantage of their connected home. Promixis is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, and can be found online at

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