Promixis helps disabled person live a happier life!

Last week we were able to help out a severaly disable person live a happier live here is the feedback that we received from him. We are very happy and excited to make such a difference and hope we can reach more people

Eddy is a quadrilpegic and has VERY limited use of his hands. Prior to trying out the NetRemoteIR trial, he would only be able to use one remote control at at time. He uses a stick attached to his hand to press the buttons on the remote. If there was no one around to swap out remotes, he'd have to watch which ever source with which he had started. If he was watching TV and decided to watch a DVD or listen to the receiver, he'd couldn't without help. He has a PC that was donated to him; so I had the idea to see if I could put all of the controls for his gear on one page on his PC. Hence NetRemote2 and a USB-UIRT. Already had a USB-UIRT and I downloaded the trial of NetRemote2 and NetRemote Designer and within a few hours, I had my system full controlled via NetRemote2. I then ran over to his place and did the same with the NetRemote2 trial and my USB-UIRT. Until recently, he used a mirror attached to his forehead (like a miner's lamp)to direct a laser toward a receiver that would move the cursor. This worked well for rough control of the cursor. But for finer movements, such as those required to use NetRemote2, he needed something better. I had an old trackpad lying around, so I hooked it up to his PC and viola!!! Full control over NetRemote2!!! AND...Full control over his TV, DVD player, and receiver!!! He can use the same stick attached to his hand to control NetRemote2. Eddy is SO happy with this setup. Thank you for making it happen!!!



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