NetRemote 2.0 Goes GOLD!

April, 25 2008 Santa Barbara, California

Promixis is proud to announce NetRemote 2.0 has gone gold and is available for immediate download. NetRemote is the premier solution for custom interface creation, be it for your house or your company. NetRemote is flexible enough to work for you. For Media control it integrates with iTunes, Windows Media Center, Winamp and JRiver Media Center bringing your music collection to your finger tips. For Automation tasks it integrates with Girder providing full control over your house! It's designed with the idea that it has to run on a wide range of hardware and still offer superior performance. NetRemote runs the following platforms:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows CE 4.2 and 5.0
  • Windows Mobile 5 and 6
  • Windows Pocket PC 2002 and 2003

Download it here: NetRemote 2.0


Performance Enhancements
  • Page jumps faster due to performance enhanced file format
  • Network discover and communication enhanced for stability and performance
  • Connections to Girder and MediaBridge handled more gracefully when network drops
  • Improved Alpha Blend code
  • Internal caching for faster page loading
  • Many stability improvements
  • No more memory leaks!
Scripting Enhancements
  • Support for threaded Lua
  • Greatly improved scripting support for plugins and plugin instances
  • Greatly enhanced event system into Lua callbacks
  • Support for "pressing" or changing state of buttons from Lua
  • Greatly enhanced element animation scripting (moving elements based on actions)
  • You can now enable or disable the PPC screen from Lua
  • You can now execute Lua in NetRemote sent from Girder
Custom Interface Enhancements
  • 24 bit color selection
  • Support for different fonts on different buttons
  • No restriction on font sizes
  • Support for "bind at load" variables (which pick up a value on initial page load)
  • Support for hierarchical naming (name a button based on parent frame)
  • Support for hierarchical actions (do something based on a parent frame)
  • Enhanced support for interface creation from NRD, including Lua console and variable inspection
  • No restriction on text length on buttons
  • Left and top padding for button text
  • Animated graphic support (animated gif and "filmstrip" style images)
  • Support for "template overlays". This is a template that will appear over any pages you design
  • Popup frames can now be on top of tree or list views
  • Support for Vertical text alignment and text wrap features
  • Film strip PNG support
Control Enhancements
  • Ability to enable/disable WiFi on Pocket PC
  • Enhanced integration with Girder4/Girder5
  • Direct USB-UIRT support from NetRemote on Windows (for both learning and transmitting)
  • All plugins now support multiple instances (including ZoomPlayer)
  • Improved slider options (including throttling transmission to server to increase performance)
  • Virtual trackpad with Girder now supports a "tap" mouse action (Similar to trackpad on a laptop)
  • NetRemote can now pass IR through to Girder for transmission
  • New FlashPlayer plugin allows you to embed Flash movies
Media Control Enhancements
  • Tight MCE integration
  • Support for Net Radio
  • Enhanced/smarter zone support (no longer requires changing host and zones, one zone list maintained for all servers)
  • MediaBridge can now be password protected, so you can open a port through your firewall and trust it's secure
  • SUpport for navigating file paths using MediaBridge
  • Support for pulling metadata from MS-DVR files (so you can play recorded TV)
  • Support for sending DVD Profiler content to NetRemote from MediaBridge
  • Support for sorting album cover requests
  • Drag and drop support in playing now list to rearrange queue
  • Support for seeing what is playing in all zones at once
  • You can now create a playlist from the current queue
  • Support for profiles (startup NetRemote with different plugins or interfaces active depending on profile)
  • Support for running multiple instances on one machine
  • Native Windows 4.2 support
  • Better Windows Mobile 5 support
  • Pocket PC installer will properly uninstall from restart list on uninstall
  • Internal web server allows for generating custom content from NetRemote variables, either to another computer or to an internal browser.
  • "Jump back" action now supports unlimited number of jump backs
About Promixis, LLC

Promixis, LLC, the makers of Girder and NetRemote, is a leader in (home) automation software. Privately held, Promixis was founded in 2004 to help mainstream users take full advantage of their connected home and give companies the power and flexibility to automate their business. Promixis is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, and can be found online at

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