Competitrack uses Promixis Girder for their remote management and automation needs.

Promixis provides automation and remote management functionality for Competitrack’s proprietary fingerprint identification. This system identifies commercials aired and allows staff in New York to verify accuracy and identify new advertising moments after it aired.

MINNEAPOLIS, March 30, 2006 -- Competitrack relies on Promixis Girder for managing its remote advertising monitoring facilities. Using the remote access capability of Girder, staff in New York is able to check on the accurate tuning of TV receivers connected in cities throughout the country and fully operate these receivers with the clicks of a few buttons. Girder is also used to change channels on these receivers according to a preset schedule so we are able to sample channels and monitor segments on demand.

"For 20 years Competitrack has been committed to acquiring new and innovative technologies that give our customers the competitive edge in ad monitoring", said Hans Vredeling, Senior Vice President Broadcast Monitoring Services. "The Girder solution integrated very well with our existing cutting edge technologies, while also extending our next day coverage in remote regions of the U.S."

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Ron Bessems
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About Competitrack, Inc.

Competitrack is a full service competitive tracking firm headquartered in New York City. They procure advertising in the U.S. and over 60 countries around the world for Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Trade Publications, Outdoor, Online, Cinema, Infomercials and Alternative Media. For two decades they have provided custom competitive solutions to premier brand clients, ad agencies, and the majority of Fortune 100 firms.

Using sophisticated technology and industry-specialized staff, Competitrack offers client-specific, customized competitive solutions that permit detailed information gathering unavailable from other vendors. In the U.S. they provide competitive spending data, ad monitoring, intellectual property use reports, and co-operative advertising tracking services. U.S. monitoring includes Hispanic and Asian media.

About Promixis, LLC

Promixis, LLC, the makers of Girder and NetRemote, is a leader in (home) automation software. Privately held, Promixis was founded in 2004 to help mainstream users take full advantage of their connected home and give companies the power and flexibility to automate their business. Promixis is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, and can be found online at

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