Girder 5.0 goes GOLD!

Promixis is very proud to announce that Girder 5 has gone gold at the eve of Girder's 10 year anniversary. To celebrate the anniversary we are having a little contest, be sure to join.


  1. Vista Compatibility for all versions

    Girder 5 works smoothly work with Windows Vista, 32 and 64 bits.

  2. Watchdog

    The Watchdog keeps an eye on Girder and it's plugins. If something goes wrong and Girder can no longer run, the watchdog will step up and restart Girder.

  3. Device Manager (Pro)

    This fabulous new feature will save you countless hours setting up your house controls. You configure what devices you have in your house once inside Girder and from there on every Promixis Automation Product! With Girder's integrated web server, the Device Manager automatically builds web pages of all your devices so you can control them from anywhere. Combined with NetRemote 2.0, the new Device Manager will automatically generate interfaces to control your devices.

  4. Component Manager (All)

    A centralized system for add and managing extensions to Girder 5. Makes adding extensisons to Girder easy. Components can be writting in Lua or any language that compiles into a DLL that Girder can load.

  5. Overhauled UI (All)

    We've taken your input and made Girder 5 even more user friendly.


These version do not come with Phone support this is available separately for $150.00/hr in 1 hour increments.

  • Girder 5 Standard $49.99
  • Girder 5 Pro $99.99
  • Girder 5 Whole Home Pro $149.99 (non-commerical use only)

Upgrade policy

You receive 50% of your Girder 3 or 4 purchase as a discount.

You bought Girder 4 Pro ($99.99) and would like to upgrade to Girder 5 WHP ($149.99). %50 of $99.99 = $50.00. So you pay $149.99 - $50.00 = $99.99.

contact to get the coupon. Include your original order number

OEM Licensing available. OEM version feature set is customizable to the specific application potentially reducing licensing costs. Volume licensing and educational licensing available. OEM customization available.

Version Differences:

The Girder 5 Standard version excludes Weather, Network communications, Voice Support, WebServer, Serial/GIP/HID (transport) Support, Global Cache Support, Device Manager, Scheduling. (Note that the device manager is required for several of the extra plugins and they will not work under standard).

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